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June 3, 2022

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How to pose for wedding photos
Forehead to Forehead

Your wedding photos are an heirloom you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives, but some couples worry about how they are going to turn out. Posing for wedding photos can be challenging. Feeling this way isn’t unusual and I completely understand where it comes from (even photographers can be hesitant to step in front of a camera). But that is certainly not how I want you to feel on your big day! So, to help you feel confident about taking pictures on your wedding day, I wanted to share my top tips on how to pose for wedding photos.

Don’t forget to breathe

You might be reading this and think it is a bit silly, but this is something I remind my couples to do more often than you would expect. It’s likely because people feel nervous in front of the camera and have the tendency to stiffen up—so breathwork is an important thing to practice when posing for your wedding photos. Remembering to breathe will help your mind and body to relax, and this translates into more natural poses and real emotions.

It’s a team effort

Some people have had an opportunity to take individual portraits in the past, but taking photos with someone else is a very different experience. And the key here is to learn how to be fluid with each other as it is sort of a dance. So, when I am sharing posing tips with my couples, I try to get them to mirror and complement one another—this creates beautiful lines and real connections for me to capture.

Work your angles

Now that I have mentioned lines, creating certain angles is important to knowing how to pose for wedding photos. This is because there are ways to “work the camera” that create the most flattering shot (and it is always my goal to help you look your best!). Whether you hear me ask you to pivot (like Ross from friends but a lot less aggressively) or to tilt your chin ever so slightly, it’s all in an effort to find the sweet spot. You might even see me standing on a chair to get there!

Trust in the directions

Having trust in all of your wedding vendors is important, but it is especially important when it comes to your relationship with your wedding photographer. Because, on your wedding day, it is my job to help you know how to pose for your wedding pictures—and a lot of that comes in the form of direction. I’ll ask you to hold, turn, twirl, walk, laugh, kiss each other (just to name a few) all with the goal of getting you to pose in the most natural and lovely way.

Ending up with wedding photos you’ll love for a lifetime isn’t hard when you’ve booked an experienced wedding photographer you can trust. Before you go, I wanted to leave you with one last piece of advice—the more meaningful and familiar the location, the more natural you will feel. And, here are some of my favorite wedding venues if you are still looking.

I love sharing ideas, tips, and tricks for anyone looking. I don’t just document love stories, but I like to help out in making those stories come to life. Are you engaged and want to see how I can help you? Let me know here!

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