Pre-Wedding Bridal Shoot, Why you should consider it


July 3, 2019

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Ever consider bridal photos pre-wedding?

Weddings can be a very busy day. As a wedding photographer, I schedule a timeline with my brides at least two weeks in advance. With this timeline, both parties will know what to expect and when to expect them. I always leave extra room for the unexpected, but more often than not, I wish I had more “alone time” with the bride, which is why I always suggest one to two hours of pre-wedding bridal portraits. This can be done a week or even days before the wedding day. Below are a few reasons why I believe brides should consider pre-wedding bridal shoots:

1. It allows for a relaxed setting where the photographer and the bride can get more comfortable with each other. With any shoot, there’s always the awkward stage when the model, in this case the bride, and the photographer become acquainted with each other. This usually subsides after 10 – 20 minutes of directing, styling, and posing. The bridal shoot will essentially eliminate this awkward stage on the wedding day.

2.They’re personal, intimate photos. In some cases, brides want to capture intimate, bridal boudoir photos for her future husband. Pre-wedding bridal shoots would be the perfect time to capture these photos. They can be printed and gifted for the groom on the wedding day with an alluring note saying “for your eyes only…”

3. Pre-wedding bridal shoots allow for more time to take other photos during the wedding. This is the time to take detailed shots of the wedding dress, the veil, and any other bridal accessories. Wedding photographers tend to put aside 45 minutes for the “getting ready” photos; this can include: hair and make-up for bridal party, bridesmaids’ dresses, bride’s dress, getting into the dress, the exchange of gifts, shots of invitation, rings, other accessories, and ultimately, we capture the final look of the bride and bridesmaids. With a pre-wedding bridal session, the photographer and bride can spend more time focusing on the bride and bridal accessories so that the wedding day can be reserved capturing intimate and candid photos that are more difficult to shoot. Hair and make-up on the pre-wedding bridal shoot may be different, but the details will remain the same.

These sessions aren’t typically included in wedding packages, but is it something brides may want to inquire about. You did spend a pretty penny on that dress? Why not take the time to capture more memories of you in it right? Right!






Rithy Tamba | Portland Wedding Photographer

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