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June 5, 2020

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Taking engagement photos is often your first opportunity to take professional, romantic photos as a couple. It can be a learning experience — from how to pose, how to work with a photographer and of course, what to wear for engagement photos! Here are some engagement outfit ideas and general guidelines to help you prepare!

What to wear

Comfortable clothes you love

While it’s definitely exciting to go on a shopping spree for your engagement photo outfits, keep in mind that you’ll want your clothing to be comfortable. Wear it out for date night or at least take a little extra time in the dressing room at the store to ensure that you can twirl, lift your arms and feel at ease.

Outfits that feel like you

Your engagement photos are keepsakes you’ll look back on for years — remembering the early days of your love story. Choose outfits that fit your unique styles and personalities. Think of date night, and then take it up a small notch.

Clothes that work for your location

The last thing you want to do is wear stilettos to a mountainside engagement shoot! If you plan on hiking around the Oregon mountains or strolling around the beach with me, dress accordingly. If necessary, you can bring different shoes or go barefoot once we arrive at our main location.

How to coordinate outfits as a couple

Since this engagement photoshoot is all about the two of you, you’ll want to make sure that your outfits complement one another. Here’s how:

Wear complementary colors

Maybe one of you will wear blue while the other wears white. Don’t wear the exact same colors, but rather, pick colors that contrast perfectly. Other frequent combinations I see are black blazers and blue dresses, beige khakis and white dresses, and more!

Match each other’s style — casual or formal

If you plan on bringing multiple outfits, ensure that your outfit choices are on the same level. If you planning on wearing a dress, ask your fiance to put on a suit!

Don’t match each other exactly

You don’t want to show up as if you’re taking family photos. Rather, you want to look like a couple — contrasting personalities and styles, yet a perfect fit! That’s why it’s important to find color palettes and then pick your outfits thereafter. If you’re unsure, contact me (or your photographer) and ask for advice. Most of us are more than willing to assist.

Women’s Engagement Outfit Tips

engagement outfit ideasI love helping my brides pick their outfits! Here are the recommendations I like to share.

Bring two outfits for variety

You’ll leave your engagement session with a lot of photos! Wearing two dresses gives you variety in your images.

Grab a flowy dress

Flowy dresses are perfect for engagement photos as they’re comfortable and classy at the same time. They make for gorgeous photos here in the Oregon landscape too!

Men’s Engagement Outfit Tips

As for the guys, here’s what I suggest!

Grab your suit, but leave the tie at home

Save your tux and tie for the wedding, but suit pants and/or a blazer are perfect for engagement photos. They’ll make you feel sleek and sophisticated.

Keep it simple with a white button-down shirt and slacks

Sometimes it’s best to simplify things. You can’t go wrong with a white shirt and slacks. Don’t forget the matching belt and shoes!

When you love your outfits, and are comfortable in them too, you’re more likely to love the end result — your actual engagement photos! If you’re one of my couples, be sure to contact me directly if you have any questions! I’m happy to be your fashion consultant, as well as your Portland engagement photographer. Follow me on Pinterest for more engagement outfit ideas!


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