5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Bridal Portraits

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February 6, 2021

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Tips for taking beautiful bridal portraits

Are you on someone that thinks you’re awkward in front of a camera? Nervous about how your bridal photos will come out? No idea what to do with your hands? Fear not, here are 5 tips for taking beautiful bridal portraits. Weather you decide to spend an extra day for it, or have it done on your big day.

Tip #1 for beautiful bridal portraits: Get plenty of sleep

This is easier said than done, I know. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this is important. A good night rest will give your skin and entire aura that glow seen in all those beautiful bridal portraits.

Tip #2: Choose a location/room with plenty of natural light

A cry from all photographers out there. Choose a location with lots of natural light. The best light for bridal portraits is always natural light, so the more light, the better. You want that dreamy, romantic look as your adorn your dress, or when play with your earrings, or maybe when you open a gift? Follow this tip for beautiful bridal portraits. Natural light will be your best friend and your photographer will thank you.

Tip #3: Hire a professional Hair and Makeup Artist

A professional Hair and Makeup artist will do wonders! If you didn’t take on the tip #1, then your HAMUA will be your savor. Of course they too would recommend a good night rest. A professional will not only make you look amazing, but you’ll feel amazing too! Which means you’ll radiate on camera.

Tip #4 for bridal portraits: Make extra time OR Book a separate session

Make extra time for your photographer during the getting ready time slot. There’s so much to photograph during that time so if you value your bridal portraits then make extra time for your photographer.

OR book a separate session before your big day. Brides are able to feel more relaxed during these sessions. No time rush and your photographer can truly just focus on you. Getting you those beautiful bridal portraits that you dreamed of. Side note: these separate session can also include a little bridal boudoir if that’s your cup of tea.

Tip #5 for beautiful bridal portraits: Relax and Have FUN

Let it go. Let it go and trust your photographer. The best photographs comes from real emotions. Photographers can pose you all day, but if there’s no real emotions, photos can be lifeless. Achieving beautiful bridal portraits isn’t hard. So try to relax, trust your photographer, and most importantly have fun!

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Vendor Team: Florals by Jodi Iverson Florals, Bridal Makeup by Anny Chow, Bridal Hair by Andy Tseng, Bridal Dress from Aideux Bridals, Jewelry from Kasa Kasama, Bride model Dani Parkss, Satin Dress from RTFaith Photography client closet.

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