Why You Should Have Your Wedding Photographer Shoot Film


March 13, 2020

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Meet Rithy 

Oregon Film Photographer

Film is Alive

You hear that a lot right? Film is alive. I use to wonder what people meant by that and I realized that as an film photography for weddings, it’s just one of those things you have to experience in order to understand.

Seeing Photography in a Completely Different Light

Shooting with film photography as an Oregon Wedding Photographer has helped me to see images so differently. It’s allowed me to take my time and shoot with intention while taking my surroundings in. I’ve learn to better read light and how it affects each person and subject differently. More importantly, film has made me fall in love with photography in a completely new way, and I can’t wait to explore it even more.
What stands out the most to me about film is that it fosters intentionality. With a limited number of exposures per roll, I am forced to be mindful of how I compose each shot, focusing on quality over quantity. And because of this deliberate approach, I am encouraged mindfulness and artistry, and in my humble opinion, results in images that are thoughtfully crafted and deeply meaningful.
                Oregon Film Photographer                               Portland Wedding Photographer
                Portland Film Photographer                               Portland Film Photographer

Having film photography in weddings is incomparable

There’s also something in film photography that gives you a feeling of nostalgia. The allure of film photography for weddings stands out like a timeless melody amidst a sea of digital images. It evokes nostalgia and transports us back to an era of authenticity and sincerity. Maybe it’s the way it looks and feels. Or perhaps how a film image holds more organic details of actual life. It truly encapsulates tangible memories and emotions that can be cherished for a lifetime.
Perhaps I am biased in this thought, but there’s a certain romance to film photography. The anticipation of waiting for developed prints, the tactile experience of holding them in your hands. These rituals add an extra layer of intimacy to the photographic process, making it feel truly special and unique. I’ve fallen in love with film and continue to learn new things about it every day.
In essence, film photography for weddings doesn’t merely capture moments; it preserves the very essence of love and celebration in its purest form. It creates heirlooms that transcend passing trends and technological shifts, standing as timeless testaments to the profound beauty of human connection. So as I continue to photograph engagements, couples, families, and weddings in Oregon, I will be incorporating more and more film into each session.
              Portland Film Photographer                                Oregon Wedding Photographer
              Oregon Wedding Photographer                               Oregon Wedding Photographer
I hope you’ll join me as I explore this new found love and truly excited adventure. Want to see more of this journey? Follow along on here.
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To new adventures friends!
Rithy | Oregon Wedding Photographer and world wide

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