Perfect Engagement at Cathedral Park, Oregon


June 25, 2020

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Cathedral Park Engagement Session

Perfect Engagement at Cathedral Park for Kim and Jeremy

There’s always something new to see at Cathedral Park. The park itself sits under the magnificent St. John’s Bridge. A location where many Portlanders tie the knot under the Gothic cathedral arches. So when Kim and Jeremy asked for this location for their perfect engagement at Cathedral Park, I was completely on board.

Arches for days

As a photographer, I always suggest locations that will provide a multitude of backdrops. Having an engagement at Cathedral Park provided just that. We started the session at the top of the stairs and took full advantage of the sparse crowd. The arches below the bridge is a popular spot for all things photos related. It resembles cathedral arches so beautifully that a photo opt right under it is a must. Soon after we finished here, Kim and Jeremy headed toward the open fields right under the bridge. What I love about this location is that wherever you’re situated, you can always catch the stunning bridge in the background.

Cathedral Park Engagement Session

From grass to rivers

Being right by the Willamette River allowed us to walk right onto the docks. I joked that Kim and Jeremy are good luck charms because right after getting on the docks and helping detangle a fishing line, the fisherman caught a good size bass. I couldn’t tell what type of fish it was though, but Jeremy, being a avid fisher, knew right away.

The perfect ending to a beautiful day

Weather is always a factor to consider in Portland. The weather was supposed to gloomy and rainy, but we really lucked out because it didn’t start to rain until the end of our session. Which we didn’t mind at all because Kim and Jeremy wanted to showcase Portland, and Portland wouldn’t be right without a little rain. Luckily, the rain started while we were at the top of the

Cathedral park Engagement

Cathedral park Engagement

bridge for the last part of the Cathedral Park engagement session. Kim and Jeremy wanted one specific photo from this session, and we were going to make it happen, regardless of how long we had to wait. It took a few tries, running across bridges, getting rained on, but we did what we came to do. The iconic kiss right in the middle of St. John’s Bridge.

Thank you Kim and Jeremy for this fun session

I truly enjoyed photographing you both. I honestly can’t remember if Jeremy stopped smiling. Your love is contagious and so genuine, so thank you for allowing me to capture it!


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Cathedral park Engagement



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