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August 15, 2019

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What is a bridal session?

A bridal session is similar to a boudoir shoot where the focus is on one person, the bride. I encourage every one of my brides to schedule a bridal session. Why? To connect with yourself, to get comfortable with your photographer, to get everything you can out of that beautiful wedding dress, and to have FUN! I utilize this time for my brides to embrace themselves. We glam up the bride  to showcase her beauty, the dress, the shoes, and all the trinkets that makes makes her moment more precious and memorable. Want some inspiration or see what you can do with a bridal session? Read on, I promise it’s good stuff. 

Accessorizing the Scenery 

Add a chair! Of course, the chair isn’t the centerpiece, but it does help showcase the bride. 

Including a prop in the shoot such as vintage chair, a settee, a love seat, or in the case for this shoot, a peacock chair from RTFaith Rentals, evokes words like “queen,” “beauty,” “bespoke,” even “majestic.” I saw this chair on a window of a closeout shop and did what any fine art photographer would do, bought it and made a shoot out of it. It’s a prop that allows the bride and the photographer to play and pose.

Accessorize the Bride

I’ve always believed that a single accessory can make “a look”. Take, for example, a statement necklace, add that to a monocolored dress and you just turned yourself into a little fashionista! This same concept applies to a bridal shoot. Accessorize yourself! Wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings, crowns, or any other headpieces. Don’t be shy or feel like you’re going overboard. Those accessories are the little details that bring everything together. Trust me, any wedding photographer would be overjoyed to see it all and showcase most if not everything you bring.

I love bridal sessions just as much as I love engagement sessions. I enjoy spending time with just the bride and helping her get the most out of her dress (or dresses). It brings me joy to make her feel beautiful and  see that she is having FUN! If you’re on the fence about doing a bridal session, I say, go for it! It’s so much fun, and you’ll love every second of it.

Thank you to Kathleen, Steffi, and Mitch for taking a drive out of Portland, Oregon, and  being my models for this day! My vision wouldn’t have come to fruition without you!


Rithy Tamba | Oregon Wedding Photographer





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