12 Weeks and Counting

12 Weeks and Counting

12 weeks. What’s the significance of this time frame? That’s the amount of time an OBGYN would say, ‘all clear” to expecting parents. Imagine having to wait 12 weeks to share your exciting news with friends and family. How would you share it? Through photos, of course!


It always brings me joy when I receive messages from former students asking me to capture precious milestones. I met Nadine and Mike when they were 1st-year pharmacy students. When Nadine reached out to me, I was ecstatic to hear of her pregnancy. She shared with me how she wanted to break the news to her friends and family and I was completely on board with helping her ideas come to fruition. It was refreshing to see a young couple excited about the anticipation of what’s to come. Photographing this session took place during a hot day, but these two nailed their shoot and looked simply smitten for one another. They radiated shockwaves of love and joy. I’m excited to see them as parents because I know they will love this baby to the ends of the earth.



Thank you, Nadine and Mike! I’m so excited for you two and cannot wait to see your little one come into the world!!







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