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Preserving your memories

so you can turn them into stories

You love the Outdoors and a bit of adventure

But you're a Romantic...

if only in certain circumstances

You’re all about finding the (safer) thrills in life—the weekend hikes and stamps on your passport prove that—but your wedding day isn’t just about your grand plans for a great time, it’s about the tiniest ones. The plan for portraits in a secluded corner of your venue. The candid snapshots of your closest friends and family. The way you feel that day—when all it takes is a moment of eye contact with your mom or dad to start the waterworks. These are the moments you’re swapping for a weekend of your usual fun, so let’s make them last forever.

my promise

I'm here to document love in all forms so it lasts for generations

Meet your wedding photographer

Rithy T.

Film photographer
Hopeless romantic
Mom to 2 wild and amazing kids
Married to the love of my life
Coffee Love
And proud of this one - I can change a tire!

You might not be surprised (in the least bit) to read about my love of photos—but the story behind it might make you. You see, my family came to the United States as refugees from Cambodia (seeking refuge from the genocide), and as you can imagine, we didn’t get to bring much. We did manage to bring some of our family photos, and those photos are all we have to remember our home and lost loved ones. They are treasures.

That’s what I want to create for you—treasures for your family. I want to capture your joy, your smiles, your hugs and kisses because these are the moments we live for, and will long to remember. It’s not just about the photos, and it’s not just about hiring a wedding photographer—it’s about finding the right person to frame these moments with care. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. But I promise it’ll be fun!

If this hits close to home, I think we’re going to create something really beautiful together.

The photos we received from Rithy are a gift that keeps on giving and the emotions she captured in our photos are priceless! It's the tell-tale sign of a great photographer when they can make you relive every moment they capture.

- Phong Ngo

Why Film

Creating timeless memories that evokes emotions means having a tool that will flawlessly provide these images. Film photography holds a special place in my heart because in this digital age where every moment can be instantly shared and forgotten, film photography offers a nostalgic and enduring way to preserve your most cherished memories, and this is something I don't take lightly. Film allows us to slow down and demands mindfulness. Each click of the shutter becomes a deliberate act, forcing us to truly be present in the moment. So why film? Because film photography captures the essence of a moment, transforming it into a physical artifact that can be cherished, shared, and passed down through generations. It is an art form that weaves together nostalgia, creativity, and human connection, reminding us of the beauty of the past while helping us create memories that will stand the test of time.