When Location is Key

September 30, 2019

When location really matters

You know that saying, right? “The grass is always greener on the other side.” I say this because when
living in California, I always was thought, “why is it so hot all the time? Portland is so beautiful, it’s never
that hot there.” Now here I am, living in Portland thinking, “man, I miss that California sunshine,
especially the light it creates in my photos!” Oh, the struggle! It’s a good thing California is my 2 nd base
for photography. That means I don’t get to miss out on photographing couples and families at a place
like Laguna Beach, CA. That also means I get the best of both worlds; I can have extraordinary Oregon
waterfalls as my backdrop an actual castle on the side of a beach in California.


Trusting me as your photographer

This family session with Sokey, Chris, and their so adorable daughter, Chloe, took place at Laguna Beach,
California. Sokey mentioned she wanted a beach as her backdrop and the very first place that popped
into my head was Victoria Beach. It’s a small beach tucked away with only one entry access that allows
just enough privacy for anyone to get comfortable. Of course Sokey, Chris and Chloe were naturals in
front of the camera. Their family’s love and bond were easily captured through my lens. What made this
shoot extra special was their willingness for some adventure; they trusted me with the location and
creative vision. I couldn’t be happier!

Take Away

So friends, if there’s anything to take away from this post is that location is key. Whether it's the luscious
greens and majestic waterfalls of Oregon or sandy beaches and rocky mountains of California, these
backdrops enhance the beauty of the people and make these moments more magical. You can trust that
I will find the best location for your session. All you have to do is tell me your vision, and I will make it a

Thank you Sokey, Chris and baby Chloe for this session! Your family is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see
it grow!

Rithy of RTFaith Photography | Oregon Family and Wedding Photographer

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